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In the realm of garden design, our team of accomplished garden designers in Cheshire and the surrounding areas brings an unparalleled level of expertise and creativity to the table. We exercise a thoughtful, customised approach to craft designs that seamlessly blend with their surroundings while also reflecting the unique preferences of our clients.

Acknowledging the existing elements of your garden, we pave the way for an enchanting outdoor space that rings true to your style, preference, and lifestyle. Endeavouring to make every design a mirror image of our clients’ distinct style and taste, we also ensure the final design responds to its given environment.

Our proficient garden designers have the experience and knowledge to create unique and thoughtful garden designs that enhance their surroundings. We consider the existing attributes of your garden, assisting you in crafting an outside space that complements your lifestyle and preferences.

Our designers are dedicated to fostering connections between people and nature through considered design, creating enduring outdoor impressions. We firmly believe that superior garden design combines aesthetics and practicality, acting as a captivating representation of our client’s distinctive style and taste.

Our Design Process

Our streamlined design process commences with a detailed consultation, where we delve into your specific needs and objectives. Upon this initial consultation, we’ll create a brief outlining your specific design requirements and desires.

One of our in-house designers will then organise a survey of your garden in Cheshire and the surrounding areas, and start developing your initial design concepts. This is where we set the ball rolling for your project and begin planning physical work.

In our quest to maintain a synergy between the design and your budget, our designers work closely with our landscape team throughout the process. Be it a compact backyard or a sprawling lawn, each project is given the same meticulous attention, and our designers strive to offer creative, pragmatic solutions.

To make the design more tangible, we provide detailed plans and riveting 3D visuals, giving you a preview of the transformation that awaits your property. Learn more about our design process narrated by our Senior Garden Designer Matt Nichol.

To make the design more tangible, we provide detailed plans and riveting 3D visuals, giving you a preview of the transformation that awaits your property. Learn more about our design process in the video, narrated by our Senior Garden Designer Matt Nichol.

Design Projects in Cheshire

Regardless of the scale of your garden project, our garden designers are equipped to meet your needs. Our garden design team is equipped to handle smaller tasks such as refreshing the plants in your landscape beds, and larger undertakings like complete garden redesigns.

Our expertise in design extends to the incorporation of varied features such as an inviting patio area, a functional outdoor kitchen, a cosy fire pit, mood-enhancing outdoor lighting, or even a soothing water feature.

If you’re considering revamping a landscape bed, our designers proficient in garden design in Cheshire and the surrounding areas can curate a vibrant, stunning bed using an array of plants offered through our plantings and softscapes service.

Our garden designers bring the same level of dedication and commitment to all projects, regardless of their scale to ensure the best results for our clients across the area.


About Creative Gardens & Driveways

Our team of award-winning garden designers, highly competent project managers, and craftsmen are dedicated to delivering a service that surpasses your expectations. In our endeavour to bring your vision to life, we commit to every project, be it a complete reinvention of your planting areas or the installation of a brand-new driveway.

With our unrivalled service in garden design, we can ensure each customer achieves their desired garden design results. Whether you need a complete makeover of your planting areas or want to install a new driveway, our dedicated team of garden designers can help you realise your vision

We cover the whole of Cheshire and operate in HaleAltrincham, KnutsfordWilmslowBramhall, Alderley EdgePrestbury, Macclesfield and Stockport. Our promise is to deliver designs that suit your taste and budget while enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space.

Examples of our work


Our Garden Landscaping Projects

Have a look at some of the projects we have completed for clients across the North West. Our team of designers and landscapers deliver fantastic projects with attention to detail at every stage to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.


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