Garden Design Cheshire

At Creative Gardens & Driveways, we provide a comprehensive range of garden design services to properties in and around Cheshire, including landscaping, planting, and decking to create your dream outdoor space.

Garden Design Cheshire

Our expert garden designers in Cheshire create bespoke and stunning gardens across the region.

All our gardens are designed with local environmental factors in mind, promising superior results for homes in Cheshire.

Our garden design team uses their knowledge of the local environment, as well as their overall design expertise to deliver optimum results for our clients across Cheshire.

Garden Evaluation

Before our designers can begin work, they will perform a comprehensive site evaluation of your current Cheshire landscape to aid their process and get a better understanding of your lifestyle and aesthetic requirements.

During the survey of your Cheshire garden, our professionals will examine crucial factors such as soil, sunlight patterns, and drainage to aid the design process.

Regarding soil, our professional gardeners will determine the type and health of your current soil, as this will determine which plants will flourish in your Cheshire garden. Similarly, by studying sunlight and shade patterns, our design team can curate the perfect landscape for your garden to ensure plant life thrives in all weather conditions.

Drainage is another key aspect for plant health, which is why it is accessed in your existing Cheshire garden before design can take place.

With the information from this evaluation, our design team can then begin constructing a plan for your new Cheshire garden that is certain to thrive all year.

Garden Design And Development

All garden designs are made using a combination of the client’s aspirations for their garden and the requirements of the local ecosystem.

The preliminary design phase for your Cheshire garden involves sketching out a basic plan for the landscape. Our design team will work closely with you to determine your desires for your garden and guide you through the best options for the space.

Sketches are not final, as they are refined through client feedback sessions. These sessions are your opportunity to work intimately with our Cheshire designers and collaborate on the development of your new garden.

3D Garden Design Rendering

Visualising the final result from simple sketches can be challenging when relying on sketches and blueprints alone, which is why our designers also offer 3D renderings for your Cheshire garden plan.

3D renderings bring your new garden to life through a multi-dimensional perspective of plants, garden visuals and the overall layout. These 3D plans can offer a more precise understanding of the expected outcome for your Cheshire garden, ensuring you are happy with the results and our designers have met every expectation.

Utilising the latest technology, our garden design team will generate 3D renderings of your Cheshire garden, providing you with a clear depiction of the work in progress. Like all design stages, this is an additional opportunity for our garden design team and Cheshire clients to work together to create the perfect plan for your outdoor space.

Garden Maintenance and Planting

Our Garden Maintenance Team in Cheshire ensure your outdoor areas hold onto their allure all year round.

From regular mowing to garden refurbishments before summer, we commit to minimal disruption and hassle-free upkeep with our adjustable solutions.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an exceptionally effective measure to enhance your garden in Cheshire and we have lots of options for you to consider.

The right outdoor lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere in your Cheshire garden, and with careful consideration highlight specific features for all to admire.

Our expert garden designers in Cheshire can assist you in choosing light fittings that will showcase the best facets of your garden design.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to create the garden of your dreams in Cheshire, you’re in the right place.

Our skilled garden designers have a profound understanding of Cheshire’s weather, soil, and indigenous flora, enabling the development of thriving gardens across the region that are certain to last.

Our team is passionate about their work in garden design and has a lot of experience creating the perfect outdoor spaces for clients across Cheshire and beyond.

With our skills and experience, we can guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

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