Stabilised Gravel Driveway Installation

Stabilised Gravel Driveway in Knutsford

David Hadley from Creative Gardens & Driveways shows the transformation of a large driveway in Knutsford from self compacting gravel that caused lots of problems for the customer to a new stabilised gravel surface.

Video Transcript:

This is a project we completed a few years ago in Knutsford. Our customers started off with a terrible driveway surface, which is self compacting gravel, also known as Breedon gravel, which is a driveway surface that has many problems as you can see from this photo. It holds water, gets very mucky. The customer had dogs which were forever bringing fine gravel into the house and it was generally a mess.

These are the pictures of beforehand and you can see that it really doesn’t do the job at all. What we did was remove this surface with a digger and install the Nidagravel stabilised gravel system. This shows the stabilised gravel trays, which are of a hexagon format, and we’ve poured loose gravel into the trays and it creates a really strong and long lasting surface.

We managed to do a little video of the finished result. We used 20mm golden gravel for this project, which was the best gravel to use. It really suited the house and the property and created a very professional finish. The landscaping around the driveway is obviously fantastic and really sets it all off nicely, and the customer was delighted with the result.

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