3D Garden Visuals to Inspire You

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m just going to run through some 3D computer visualisations that we’ve done for recent projects, just to give you a feel for the sort of thing that’s possible.

Small Garden for New Build Home

So this is quite a small, garden relatively. It’s around about 100 square meters. There’s a lot going on. There’s a new garden building going in cedar clad building.

We’ve got some pleated hedging and some lovely cedar fencing on top of this existing wall, water feature, raised planters. And you can see the paving layout. Obviously you can see the reflection in the doors of the garden room. So this is another view from above of what the finished garden will look like.

And then we’ve got a feel for what it might look like with some lighting at night. We’ve got a fantastic living wall here to cover that ugly part of the wall. And then this is the view back towards the house from the garden building. So you get a feel for what that’s going to look like.

Multiple Level Large 3D Garden Visuals

This is a larger project on multiple levels. And the 3D visualisations are particularly useful when you’ve got different levels to consider. So here we’ve got the new extension with a step out onto a seating area and then steps up to another seating area and the existing garden building at the top here.

So it gives a feel for what the planting will look like. We’ve got the look back to the driveway there, a water bowl feature.

Outdoor Kitchen 3D Visual

This shows really well the idea for the kitchen. So an oak structure in this case with a, a built in barbecue and a kit and kitchen area. And this is the same thing, but looking black in the other way with the dining area and pay it’s different paving material underneath the dining table.

Carport and Workshop Visuals

And this shows the intended carport and workshop. And we’ve also got the same thing at night to give an idea and then for a bit of fun, we’ve got the same thing in the winter.

Large Garden Design Visuals

This is a large multi level project again. So we’ve got a number of things going on here. There’s a new garden building, an L shaped garden building with large seating area for entertaining.

We’ve got a pergola structure running through the space and this is a rill. So it’s a stream built  into the paving. And here we’ve got separate sections again for dining and different entertaining areas. And the, the 3D visualisation really brings it all to life. It’s difficult to imagine just from a 2D plan with levels on it, exactly what it’s going to look like when it’s finished, but this gives a pretty good indication of what to expect.

3D Visuals at Night

Again, we’ve got a view at night. So that’s looking from down by the kitchen window, what, what the project would look like. And again, we’ve got a scene with the, with the snow and this is sat in the garden building at the top looking back towards the house. So it gives you an idea of what what the view is from in here and what the internal layout of that building could be.

And this is looking back from the house. This is a particularly important vista from a glass walkway. So this is what it looked like with the water bowl and the rill running up the steps.

So that gives you a bit of a feel for what’s possible. I hope that’s inspired you!

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