Why We Use Millboard Decking

Millboard Decking

Millboard decking combines the natural beauty of real wood with the high performance of polyurethane, a material widely recognised for its strength and durability. This decking material eliminates any rotting, warping or deterioration that comes from natural wood decking meaning it stays looking great for many years.

Millboard is wood-free and non-porous, which means high resistance to algae growth and excellent anti-slip properties.

Millboard decking is solid, not hollow. This makes it strong and means it won’t warp, rot or harbour insects and pests like timber would.

Millboard is a family-run business, UK based and has been creating decking materials since 1976.

Where can I use Millboard decking?

Millboard decking is a highly versatile option for any outdoor space. With the ability to create a variety of features, including decks, cladding, balconies, and even seating, the possibilities are endless. The decorative face of Millboard can provide a stunning finishing touch to any outdoor design.

With its durability and aesthetic appeal, Millboard decking is a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects alike.

Does the Decking change colour over time?

Millboard go to great measures to recreate the look of natural timber so that you can enjoy the aesthetic qualities without the maintenance that comes with it.

Although the decking and cladding boards will naturally weather over time when exposed to the elements, this should not be a cause for concern. In fact, it is part of the intentional design to replicate the natural beauty of timber.

The slight yellowing and loss of gloss is both expected and intentional as it adds to the authenticity of the product. Their unique hand-colouring process also ensures that each board emulates the unique qualities of the natural timber it was moulded against.

Does the Decking get hot in the sun?

When it comes to composite decking, it’s important to keep in mind that the surface of the boards can get quite hot when directly exposed to sunlight. This is particularly true of darker colours, which tend to absorb more heat.

While this might not be an issue for those wearing shoes, it can be quite uncomfortable for those who prefer to walk around barefoot. In fact, in some cases, it may even be necessary to wear shoes while using composite decking under direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Does Millboard Decking expand or contract?

Millboard decking is a resin mineral composition material that boasts remarkable stability compared to timber or composite products based on timber. It is highly resistant to warping, cracking or splitting, and requires minimal maintenance over its lifespan.

To ensure optimal performance, Millboard recommend leaving a 4mm gap between the sides of the boards, and a 1mm gap between the ends to allow for natural movement and expansion. Additionally, it’s essential to leave a 10mm gap between the boards and any solid surfaces to promote efficient drainage.

Does Millboard Decking mark?

The LastaneĀ® finish on Millboard dekcing makes it a durable and reliable solution for keeping surfaces in pristine condition. Its resistance to food and drink stains, scratches and everyday wear and tear means you can have peace of mind when it comes to maintaining your surfaces.

However, it’s important to be cautious when moving sharp objects such as unprotected table or chair legs, spiked shoes, animal claws or metal planter bases as these can leave marks if dragged across the surface.

In addition, you’ll want to be quick to remove strong dyes and stains such as berries and animal droppings, as well as cooking oils or fats that come in contact with the surface.

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