Video Walkthrough of Marple Bridge Garden

Garden Transformation in Marple Bridge

David Hadley from Creative Gardens & Driveways shows the transformation of a garden in Marple Bridge, including a new tarmac driveway, rockery feature, pergola, and millboard decking.

Video Transcript:

This is a project that we’ve recently completed in Marple Bridge. This is a photo of the back garden before we started – it’s a bit dreary and it has all fallen apart. The customer has been in the house a long time, but was quite nervous about getting any work done because they weren’t sure they were going to get value for money.

They’d had a bad experience in the past, so were very nervous about the whole thing. This was the existing patio with the fallen down fence – it’s quite a dreary affair, really. And this is the front garden where there’s a crazy paving path running up to the house and a bit of grass.

Garden Design Plan

Then this is looking back towards the driveway, which again was falling apart. We got a detailed brief from the client and came up with a 2D plan, which shows the new tarmac driveway here with a path running up to the house and a rockery feature with a bird bath.

And then in the back garden there was a seating area that was covered with a pergola and a gravel path running down to a new millboard deck that enabled the customer to sit outside by their french windows and look at the garden and have a cup of tea.

Garden Design 3D Visualisation

So that was the 2D plan that we did. The customer really wanted to get a better understanding of what the space looked like, so what we did for them was produce a 3D visualisation.

This is a computer generated photograph of what the finished back garden would look like with the view from the window, so you can see the pergola and the decking. And then this was the front garden with the rockery feature – showing what it would look like when it was complete.

Completed Garden Transformation

And then we’ve got some photos of the finished project. This shows the really nice millboard decking that we’ve installed, the gravel path and some stepping stones to their seating area with pergola.

That’s a closeup of the pergola which creates a nice, shady spot to enjoy at different times of the day. And then the front was a tarmac driveway, which was the most suitable surface given the different options available – that was the one that worked best for the client.

And this is the picture of the rockery with the bird bath because the customer’s very keen on nature. She was delighted with the result and did a nice review for us and it really enhanced her use of the space.

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