A Prince’s Trust Success Story

Managing Director David Hadley explains how his journey began back in 2001.

In 2001 David went to The Prince’s Trust and set up his own landscape design business, Creative Gardens & Driveways.

“Prior to coming to The Prince’s Trust, I was in a very stressful IT job and desperate for a career change and the opportunity to be my own boss and pursue my real passion of horticulture.

The Prince’s Trust Opportunity

“The Trust had a reputation for supporting young people and that appealed to me after a high street bank had rejected my application for a loan. The Trust gave me the funding to start my business and the confidence of knowing an organisation believed in my ability.”

The course gave me the opportunity to meet other young business owners which gave me the drive to pursue my own goal and to make my business a success, like so many recipients of Prince’s Trust loans had before me. I went from having no idea how to run a business to feeling confident enough to get started by the end of the course.

20 Years Later

“Now 20 years in business, my company has gone from strength to strength. I now employ 20 staff with an annual turnover of over £1M. I am incredibly proud of the team I have built, and I especially enjoy helping young people develop their careers within the company.

“We have a great reputation within our field, and I was delighted earlier this year when Alan Titchmarsh visited one of our projects and used it as an example of great landscape garden design on his TV show Love Your Garden.

“We are extremely passionate about creating inspiring gardens across Cheshire and, whilst working outdoors in this area of the country isn’t always easy with our challenging ground and weather conditions, we have the experience and passion to transform every project into something beautiful.

Future Expansion

“Thinking ahead, I’d like to further expand the business and build upon the excellent team I have. There is unfortunately a shortage of landscape gardeners entering the profession and that’s something we are looking to work with local colleges to improve. It is an incredibly rewarding career both mentally and physically.

“Sustainability is another key priority for us. It’s something we’ve always championed but are now consciously encouraging all our customers to consider the environmental footprint of their gardens in the same way they do their homes and cars.”

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