Essential Gardening Jobs to do this Spring

Spring Gardening Jobs

As the days get longer and temperatures start to rise, it’s time to start thinking about sprucing up your garden for spring.

From repairing winter damage to starting on new projects, tackling essential gardening jobs in the spring can create a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy over the warmer months.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the crucial spring gardening jobs that should be completed early in the season so you can spend more time relaxing in your outdoor oasis as summer approaches.

Though it may take a few further weeks for us to be sure that spring has arrived and there will be no more frosts, there are some tasks that can be started now.

Start Pruning Evergreens

It’s time to turn our attention to outdoor tasks such as hedge pruning. This essential job helps keep hedges, evergreen shrubs and roses healthy and ensures that each plant yields an abundance of growth come spring. This type of cutting can help encourage bushier and thicker growth over the forthcoming year.

In addition, dogwoods and willows respond very well to pruning, so now is the perfect time to get them ready for the new gardening season.

Trim Any Dead Branches or Leaves

Early spring is the perfect time to assess the health of shrubs and trees in your landscape. By seeing which ones have been able to weather the winter weather and extreme cold spells, you can determine which will stay for another season and which may need some extra attention or new life.

Taking stock of your shrubs before new growth begins also allows you to see if any major pruning or maintenance needs to be completed now rather than later in the season.

Plant Perennials

Now is an ideal time to think about sprucing up your garden by planting perennials. Whether you are looking to reinvigorate existing hardy plants, or wanting to add some fresh interest to an otherwise plain border, hardy fuchsias and echinacea are perfect choices.

Not only will these plants create a splash of colour in your garden all year round, they are both easy maintenance options that can be handled with minimal effort.

If your garden is suffering due to large patches of shade, then Bruenna ‘Jack Frost’ may be the perfect shrub for you. This semi-evergreen shrub will provide welcome colour during those long shaded months and really bring life to your garden, flowering from April until May. It features white flowers along with a silver-white foliage that is sure to brighten up any shady corner.

Divide Existing Perennials

Established perennials in the garden can benefit greatly from lifting, dividing and replanting this time of year.

The process of lifting and dividing replenishes nutrients, encourages vigorous new growth, and results in stronger plants overall.

This practice is especially beneficial for perennials that have become crowded or have seen a significant decrease in flowers and foliage.

Do the first mow of the year

During the early spring months, it is important to give your lawn its first proper trim of the year.

As temperatures start to increase and daylight hours become longer, you can expect an increase in grass growth over the coming weeks.

Adjust the blades to the highest setting to avoid scalping the turf and damaging the new growth.

Try to plan your first mow on a dry day, not when it has been raining as the ground will be wet and the grass harder to mow.

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