Match your garden design to your personality

Modern Garden Design

Landscape experts Creative Gardens & Driveways believe modern garden design is all about how your garden makes you feel. So, when looking to give your garden a makeover, it’s critical the design matches your personality.

Where best to start when planning a garden redesign? Inside your home. Through conscious garden design or not how your home looks internally, reflects your personality.

From the colour choices on your walls, to furniture and accessory selections, your home is telling the story of you and what brings harmony to your life.

Continue that outside and you are guaranteed to find the same level of sanctuary in your garden. But in a world of countless garden design themes, it can be easy to select a garden design that is ‘on trend’ but out of step with your personality.

Garden Design Theme

“Getting your garden design theme right is critical,” comments David Hadley of Cheshire based Creative Gardens & Driveways. “We spend many hours in initial consultations with customers, discussing their project and the most important question we ask is ‘how do you want your garden to make you feel?’.

Often that will completely change the direction of a design scheme, for example, a customer who initially thinks they want a cottage garden style may realise that the rambling nature of cottage gardening conflicts hugely with their preference for neatness within the home. Sitting outside in beautiful disarray can be very stressful for some people which is why we take so long to ensure every aspect of a garden project is carefully considered.”

“Most homeowners only invest in a garden landscaping project once so it’s vital to get it right first time and create a sanctuary for the long term.”

Here the experts at Creative Gardens & Driveways provide their top tips on the best garden designs to suit your personality:

Type A: Perfectionist, Impatient, Achievement-Oriented

For those who thrive on precision and achievement, a structured garden with clean lines and organised plantings is ideal. Consider minimalist landscaping with well-defined spaces, geometric layouts, and elegant symmetry. This design layout will enhance relaxation in your outdoor space as it showcases simplistic features that cater to your personality.

Type B: Flexible, Patient, Creative

If you have an easy-going and creative temperament, embrace a free-flowing garden design. Incorporate curving pathways, mixed plantings, and unexpected elements to encourage exploration and artistic expression. This will reflect your innovative nature and there are plenty designs to explore that complement your personality.

Type C: Highly Conscientious, Perfectionist, Emotionally Reserved

For individuals who are meticulous and introspective, a Japanese-inspired Zen Garden might be perfect. Simple, deliberate design with gravel, rocks, and carefully placed plants can create a peaceful environment for thought. It can act as an oasis for growth and relaxation as you become more equipped for enjoying the outdoors.

Type D: Anxious, Pessimistic, Avoidant

A soothing, calming garden with gentle colours, lush greenery, and comfortable seating can provide respite for those seeking relief from negative thoughts. Incorporating elements like water features and calming scents can enhance the peaceful ambiance. Use this space to relax and reflect upon new beginnings.

“As you embark on your garden design journey, remember that your outdoor space has the power to reflect your inner essence and provide a haven that resonates with your personality,” added David.

“With careful consideration and a design tailored to your unique traits, your garden can become a true extension of yourself, offering a source of solace and inspiration for years to come.”

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