3D Garden Design

3D Garden Design Visualisation

David Hadley from Creative Gardens & Driveways shows how they create fantastic 3D videos of a garden design to allow clients to see how their garden design would look at different times of the day.

Video Transcript:

Often customers find it difficult to visualise what their design will look like when its built. Traditional 2D plans show a “birds eye” view of the garden and are very useful in detailing what materials will be used and showing the measurements needed for our installation staff.

Sometimes we need to do a bit more to really enable our clients to get an understanding of what the garden will look like.

This is where 3D visualisations come in. These computer generated “photos” are a fantastic tool that we love to use. Our design team use some computer wizardry (and a bit of skill!) to create a photo realistic version of the plans.

This short video allows the client to imagine living within the space and what the sun will do at different times of the day. Its easy to change layouts and planting on the computer to give our clients the piece of mind that their finished garden will be exactly how they want it.

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