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COREgravel is a fantastic system for driveways. Honeycomb trays stabilise the loose gravel so that it does not rut or sink. 
Creative gardens and Driveways use COREgravel on a wide variety of properties and utilise different types of edging and paving to create long lasting and attractive driveways. 
COREgravel has many benefits over standard gravel driveways. 
1. No rutting or sinking – the honeycomb trays make sure the gravel stays where it is supposed to be. 
2. No weeds – a fabric on the back on the honeycomb tray prevents weed growth. 
3. Fully SUDS compliant porous surface - so no need for planning permission. 
4. Very strong and long lasting – your finished drive will take the weight of a truck not just a car! 
5. Easy to extend and change. 
6. ADA compliant - ideal for pedestrians, bicycles, & wheelchair traffic. You can pull a wheelie bin over it easily. 
7. Great for security because of the “crunch” of a gravel drive. 
8. Very cost effective – Cheaper than tarmac and typically half the price of block paving or resin bound gravel. 
All good reasons why COREgravel is by far our most popular driveway solution. 
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